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Northumberland Fostering and Adoption Services Manual Contents

June 2017

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This contents list is sub divided into the following sections, each Section contains relevant Chapters/Procedures: (Click on the title to jump to the Section you require):

  1. Fostering Services
  2. Adoption and Permanence
  3. Appendices

1. Fostering Services

  Family Placement Vision and Values  
  National Minimum Standards (Fostering)  
1.1 Fostering Statement of Purpose  
1.2 Fostering Recruitment Strategy - to follow  
1.3 Placements in Foster Care  
1.4 Matching Children with Permanent Foster Carers  
1.5 Fostering Panel  
1.6 Connected Persons Foster Carers Temporary Approval and Assessment Policy and Procedure - to follow  
1.7 Persons Disqualified from Fostering  
1.8 Assessments and Approvals of Foster Carers  
1.9 Criminal Records Disclosure Procedure  
1.10 Exemptions and Extensions/Variations to Foster Carer Approval  
1.11 Supervision and Support of Foster Carers Updated
1.12 Delegation of Authority to Foster Carers  
1.13 Standards of Care  
1.14 Safe Caring Policy for Looked After Children in Foster Care Updated
1.15 Policy on the Storage of Medicine and Administration of Medicine or Treatment  
1.16 Children in Placements Accidents, Serious Illness, Infectious Disease and Hospital Treatment  
1.17 Bedroom Sharing Policy  
1.18 Consumption of Alcohol by Foster Carers and Young People Policy  
1.19 Review and Termination of Approval of Foster Carers  
1.20 Allegations Against Foster Carers  
1.21 Foster Carers Record Keeping and Retention Policy  
1.22 Transfer of Foster Carers Protocol  
1.23 Comments and Complaints, Advocacy and Whistle blowing  
1.24 Compliments and Complaints - Information for Young People  
1.25 Complaints about Services provided for Children  
1.26 Guidance and Policy on Payment and Use of Disability Living Allowance by Foster Carers  
1.27 Children Missing from Care  
1.28 Notification of Events Procedure  
1.29 Positive arrangements and Behaviour Management in Foster Care  
1.30 Education Policy  
1.31 Staying Put Arrangements - under review  
1.32 Promoting Education and Leisure Activities  
1.33 Lone Working for Staff Policy  
1.34 Policy on Smoking for Foster Carers, Adopters and Children and Young People in Care  

2. Adoption and Permanence

  National Minimum Standards (Adoption)  
2.1 Adoption Statement of Purpose  
2.2 Assessment and Approval of Prospective Adopters Updated
2.3 Fostering for Adoption, Concurrent Planning and Temporary Approval as Foster Carers of Approved Prospective Adopters  
2.4 Adoption Panel  
2.5 Placement for Adoption  
2.6 Adoption Support  
2.7 Monitoring and Supervision of Adoptive Placements  
2.8 Adoption Reviews  
2.9 Disruption of Adoptive Placements  
2.10 Allegations Against Prospective Adopters and in Relation to Children Placed for Adoption or Already Adopted  
2.11 Inter Country Adoption Updated
2.12 Non Agency Adoption  
2.13 Adoption Case Records  
2.14 Access to Birth Records and Adoption Case Records  
2.15 Intermediary Services  
2.16 Application for Special Guardianship Orders Updated
2.17 Court Reports in Adoption/Special Guardianship Guidance  
2.18 Life Story Books Guidance  
2.19 Later Life Letters  

3. Appendices

3.1 Good Practice Guidance for Adoption Agencies and Cafcass: Children Relinquished for Adoption  
3.2 The Children Act 1989 guidance and regulations - Volume 2: care planning, placement and case review, June 2015  
3.3 Designated Managers  
3.4 Amendments